DOGAL – Your ’Best Partner’ in Agriculture…
From seed to harvest…

EN DOGAL AS. was established in 1994 in Istanbul, Turkey. DOGAL AS. supplies pesticides and agrochemicals to all customers and farmers with a wide range of high quality products and professional technical support. DOGAL AS. has become a leading formulator of many kinds of pesticides, plant growth regulators, chelated micronutrients, foliar and drip irrigation fertilizers. We are specialized in manufacturing, registering, and marketing high-quality, cost-effective crop protection solutions products and agrochemicals for agriculture and horticulture. 


Regional offices, with own warehouses in agricultural active regions of Turkey are always ready to give service and technical support to costumers by more than 40 agronomists.


DOGAL AS. formulation & filling plant is located in Antalya, South of Turkey with a modern quality control laboratory that licensed by Turkish Ministry of Agriculture in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone.


Our portfolio includes more than 200 registered pesticides and plant growth regulators, foliar, drip irrigation and single micronutrient fertilizers certified by The Turkish Ministry of Agriculture. 


There are current and novel formulation and filling line, such as SL, LS, EC, SC, FS, CS, OD, WP, DS, SP, EW, FF, Tablet and Powder and DF/WDG formulation unit under development with collaboration of Turkish Scientific Institution.


DOGAL AS.  is an ISO certified company with certification for ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Standard and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Standard.


Turkey is an OECD Country and an associate member of EU.

Able to issue ATR and EUR 1 certificates.


Quality Assurance


·         High Quality, Cost-effective, New Generation Products

·         Sustainability

·         Production strictly as per specification

·         Strong Business Partnership

·         Best Service & Professional Technical Support

·         Highest international quality standards (ISO accredited).